How To Sign Up For Amazon Prime

We already discussed about the Amazon Prime service, we know what it is and how to get it, but besides than going to amazon and clicking on Prime, we don’t know much. So I have decided to present the exact steps so that you will learn how to get a free trial first and then how to get the paid version of this wonder of technology, system that allows you to see video streaming at the highest quality.

Those who did not use the Amazon Prime account before or in the last 13 months, can sign up for a free account. This is a paid membership and the fee is annualy. It will cost you almost 80 dollars a year, but let me tell you that this iw worth it. Soon, you will benefit of a new program from Amazon Prime, which will allow the customers to get free and also commercial-free movies and TV shows.

Even though you can sign up for a free trial, you must provide a valid credit card, because when the service will be extended to the next month, the fee will be taken from your bank account. Of course, you will not be charged when you will sign up, but you will be, if you continue to use the service. You can read all about it on Amazon, the Prime section. Those who sign up for a free trial period will benefit of the same advantages as those who pay for the service, but only for one month. I have to mention that only those who live on the territory of the United States can receive this service.

When the free trial period ends, you will be charged automatically by the system and Amazon will use the credit card number you provided. If the company cannot perform this charging, then it will try to charge you from another account that you might have provided when you signed up for another Amazon service, if you use an additional service. If you don’t want to benefit of a paid membership, you are requested that during the free version trial to manage your account and select that you don’t want to benefit of that paid membership when the free trial expires. You can opt for this at any time during the free trial period.

You have to enter your Prime membership page and update all the changes from there. For example, you change your bank, thus the credit card number will be different and so on. You move, you have to announce Amazon. You change your phone number. You have to announce them and so on. Every change that occurs in your life and you consider that is important to your next purchases from Amazon must be reported to this company using the account you have on Amazon. Of course, you will not tell Amazon that you got married, unless you are a woman and changed your name. There are things that must not be told. The most important things refer to your name obviously, your address and your e-mail address and your credit card number. You will be notified from time to time by Amazon, when you will receive other ads via e-mail or alerts about certain products, about the possibility of changing your account data, if something has changed since you opened the account and until that moment.