Review of God of War

Review of God of War

God of War 2018, also known as God of War PS4 or God of War 4, is an adventurous video game based on third-person action created by Santa Monica Studio and published in near future by SIE or Sony Interactive Entertainment. This eighth instalment in the series of God of War is expected to be released for PS4 or PlayStation 4 on 20th April 2018. Chronologically it is the eighth sequel of God of War III released in 2010. For this series, the story of its latest sequel has a new direction. It will be slightly based on the mythology of Norse whereas Greek mythology was the base of the stories of all the previous games in this series. Kratos, the hero of this series, returns as the central character of this episode who has Atreus as his son. The role of Kratos, in this game, is of a protector and mentor of his son. He also has to control the anger that has made him ambitious since long.

God of War is also described as imaginative interpretation for the sake of franchise as the gameplay of this edition is entirely reconstructed. One of the major changes in the gameplay of this version is that Kratos uses a mysterious battle axe known as the Leviathan Axe instead of using his typical blades with double chain.

The use of camera is another noteworthy change in the latest version of this game. Instead of using a cinematic camera fixed at one location, as used in its previous versions, a free over the shoulder camera is used in God of War. Moreover, in the gameplay you will find several other elements playing different roles in this game. Additionally Atreus, the son of Kratos, is also helping to push its gameplay. God of War: A Call from the Wilds, released through Facebook Messenger on 1st February 2018, was a short game based on tax. In the first adventure of Atreus into the wilds of Norse this game follows him.

God of War has received acclamation from the critics as it is liked for its fights, design of its world, visuals, characters and storyline. Metacritic, the review aggregator, has rated it for 95 out of 100 marks, which is the highest score received by any game in this series. Moreover, its score is the second highest ever received by PlayStation 4 games except Remastered-The Last of Us. The critic score for this video game is also the highest in the category of a non-remastered original game of PlayStation 4. It is the highest rated game for 2018 not only for PlayStation 4 but also among all the games released in 2018 from any online gaming platform.

In this way, God of War can be considered as a surprising success in the field of gaming. Its title is a kind of game that should be played at least 2-3 times during the lifetime of the console. The mind blowing and unreal action of this game compels players to go through the mythology of Norse to achieve the top adventure consistently.