How To Pick A Badge For Your Facebook Profile

When I entered this morning my Facebook news feed, I saw a friend telling us that you can enhance the profile picture and in the same time, show your gratitude to some non-profit organizations, if you go to a certain site and pick a badge that is available to be set at the right or left of your profile, in the left or the right corner. To make the badge to be seen better by those who enter your profile, you can even make your profile picture smaller. But you will see more about this in the lines to come.

Let’s see what is the name of the site and how you can do this. You have to enter, a very good site, which allows the Facebook users to browse through many badges that they can choose and select one of them to be connected to their profile picture. You can write the name of someone who interests you or the name of a company and if there is a badge wearing such name, you will find it and you can wear the badge next to your profile picture. In a way, the badge will be considered along with the picture, the profile picture, since it will be included in all of your comments, “Likes” and other activities that you do on Facebook.

To be able to use such badge, you must have a Facebook account and you have to allow the application to see your profile pictures. Just click Allow when you enter the site and want to connect using Facebook. The application will see only your profile pictures, the pictures that you used until that moment as a profile picture. The other photos stored in other albums on your profile are not seen, so if you want to attach the badge to another photo, either you set the photo as a profile picture and then the application will see it, or you simply upload that photo from your computer or from a CD or DVD that you have inserted into the CD/DVD player.

When the operation is over, your friends will see that you started to use PicBadges, but they will not see the picture unless you set it as a profile picture. You have to move to the picture that now is “pimped” and set it as a profile picture. The good thing is that you don’t even have to go to the Facebook account that you have, because after you click “Publish to Facebook”, the picture will be opened by the photo viewer used by Facebook and in this case, you will be able to select that photo as the photo for your profile, just like you do with the other photos when you want to set them as a profile picture.

When going to the site, you will see what are the most important frequently asked questions about the program and how much do you have to pay to use an application like this. The answer is one that will satisfy most of the Facebook user. The app is free to use. Although its developers will be thanking you if you could spread the word about it.