How To Use App Hub

How To Use App Hub

In the article written half an hour ago, I mentioned that on the site named App Hub, which can be accessed if you click on the link placed on the name of the site, those who want to develop application for the mobile platforms of Microsoft, which are Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Live Indie Games, can discover a wide range of tools, advice and competitions.

To become a developer, you have to register on the site and join the community. The system offers you free tools and support, because the games that you are going to deliver will run on their systems, so it is normal that they will give you all the support. In other words, you create a small part of the software that will run on their platform, so it is quite understandable that they will help you in this task.

The price to join this community is of only $99 annualy. You will be able to sell your apps in the Marketplace or offer them for free. You can try the free variant, as long as you are at the beginning and want to make a name for yourself. The tools that you will take advantages come for free from Microsoft. You are provided a Dashboard and you can thus manage how many downloads your app had and also how much you are earning, if you offer the app for money.

The tools that are available to be used by developers are not only written in English. They come also in Spanish, French, Italian and German. Visual Studio Express can be downloaded for free by those who have already a Microsoft app developer subscription. You cannot download these files for free if you are not a developer. Also, you must be included in the Microsoft community and you have to pay the fee. .NET Framework is also available for free download and if you don’t know how to use it, the representatives will stay by your side, offering their help for free, everytime you need it.

An annual subscription of $99 give you the access to the Windows Phone Martketplace and in the same time, to Xbox Live Marketplace. You can seel or offer your creations for free to those who have Microsoft mobile devices.