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Viber for PC offers a free, no-restrictions service that gives you freedom to send texts and share both photos and videos with friends and family. The app integrates voice calls and video chat, like in Skype, and syncs all your messages instantly with the company’s mobile app across BlackBerry, Windows, iOS, and Android. Viber for PC feels like a more modern version of Skype.

All of your contacts fill a left rail, while text and image contents are ordered chronologically on the right side. You can send text messages to friends, dial voice calls, and also engage in video chats. All will be synced instantly to Viber for mobile devices. While viber can’t yet do conference calls or mobile-to-mobile video calls like Skype, it has got some innovative features like the ability to pass off calls from desktop to mobile and vice versa with one tap. If you want to install the windows version, you must install and activate Viber on a mobile device, because Viber use your mobile number as an identifier for the desktop version of the program. By installing the desktop version of Viber in your PC you will get the advantage of getting all your Viber contacts from your phone instantly on your desktop version. It’s all cross platform. It’s not the only one application which has multiple platform support, but its unique features make Viber a complete fast and free communication app.

• Best-quality HD voice calls
• Video calls
• Text, photo and sticker messages
• Full sync between your mobile and Windows devices
• Transfer on-going calls between your devices

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  • Call any Viber user for free
  • Video calls
  • Create group


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