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REAPER is an advanced digital audio workstation that stands for Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering and Recording. It is the product of Cockos developers. It has been updated in 2018 and the developers keep on updating it to introduce new features. It lets you easily manage, record, edit, mix and render multi-track waveform audio files. It has a very much user friendly graphical interface and one needs to have a quick look at its menu bars to understand the working of each option.

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Reaper is a budget-friendly full-fledged DAW (digital audio workstation). While affordable it offers capabilities compatible with expensive DAW’s, except the lack of a sound library. Users can test the software taking advantage of a 60-day trial. Capable of integration with most sounds, effects and plug-ins you can get it at under $100 without a commercial license, which is extra. Reaper has an easy to learn and use interface offers design flexibility and highly compatible too. Appearance aspects, layouts, and toolbars are changeable while pop-up features are also supported.

Navigation is simple with the drag-and-drop function. The software comes with built-in plug-ins, but easily accepts a wide host of others including AU, DX, VST, VSTi, and VST3. Users have excellent editing tools for building and editing new sounds and audio. It is tightly coded, fast loading and efficient and able to run on both a network drive or portable drive. A Reaper license gives users the freedom to enjoy unlimited free software updates which typically releases monthly.