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Computer users often want to share documents and files with others but this process usually takes time. To make file sharing quicker and easier, Dropbox was developed. This is actually a file hosting service that offers the facilities of cloud storage, file sharing and data synchronization. All you need to do is to download the software and create your personal account. After that you can easily benefit from the never ending facilities of this useful software.

Are you always looking for ways to save your files in n organized manner? Dropbox is one of the best spaces to save your files online. the creative collaborative tool is designed to help you organize your files in one place, and to safely synchronize them with your phone, tablet or computer. The benefit of using Dropbox is that you can be able to access your files whenever and anywhere you want. It also enables users to send large files to other people, whether they have a Dropbox account or not. For those who use it regularly, Dropbox offers an easy way of working on the same files through shared folders. All you have to do is give others access to the files and you can all work on a project together. Dropbox also features a document scanner which you can use to convert receipts, notes and even whiteboards into PDF. Sign up and get started with Dropbox!

Downloading and Installation:
The whole procedure of downloading and installing it on your systems is very easy. The setup can be downloaded from the links that we have shared. The Dropbox Installer file will be downloaded in your system. Running it will install the software within no time. Now you can open the software and enter your Email ID and password. If you are a new user then create your account by entering required details. After logging in, a folder will be created in your system where you can store and access saved files.

Easy Access:
Dropbox has made it easier to store large amount of data and share it with others in a simple way. It can be used on mobile phones and other handheld devices as well, therefore it is easy to check and store the files and data from anywhere with the help of an internet connection. You need not to store a lot of data on your mobile sets, instead all of it can be saved on your PC and then you can easily open all the stored files on all the connected devices.

Storage Capacity:
Dropbox 2018 allows you to store up to 2 GB of data in the folder. This software not only makes the access to data easier but also saves memory space and your time. It is easy to send large files such as videos and images without much difficulty.

File Sharing:
Sending files and data to your friends or colleagues had never been this easier. It is possible to share stored files with those too who do not have an account on Dropbox. All you need to do is to copy the link of particular file and send them through Email or other ways. Clicking this link will open the file. After that they can download it with a single click on any device.

It provides backup for your data. Whether you have lost your PC or mobile you can access the files by logging in from other devices.

Files Synchronization:
For working on projects with your colleagues you can create shared folders. The files in this folder will be synchronized for all users. It makes easier to work on files simultaneously. When any editing is done every user will get the updated file.

Dropbox is a great file sharing service that is available for free. One can easily share the files and data with their family, friends or colleagues. It is easier to share images and videos of events and work on projects together with your group mates.



  • The backup speed is very fast.
  • Edit files in your account from your phone.
  • All stored file are encrypted (AES-256).
  • Easily upload your photos and videos.


  • You don't own your encryption key.


File Sharing Software - 9.9
Online Storage - 9.6