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Bitdefender Uninstall Tool
Bitdefender Uninstall Tool

Bitdefender Uninstall Tool is used to uninstall Bitdefender products from your PC. Ordinarily, software can be uninstalled from your PC via the control panel. However, because antivirus programs are designed to get deep into your system so that they can detect malware, sometimes a simple removal utility is not enough to rid your system of the antivirus program. This uninstall tool will completely remove any BitDefender antivirus application from your computer, getting rid of all files and registry entries associated with the application.

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Additionally, sometimes it is impossible to uninstall BitDefender applications from the control panel. The Uninstall Tool will do the trick. After download and installation, in only one click, it will rid your PC of the program you want to be uninstalled.

You can use this program on all BitDefender products including BitDefender Antivirus Plus, BitDefender Total Security, BitDefender Internet Security, and the Free Edition. The program is available for free download and it is compatible with all Windows computers.