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Avast Clear
Avast Clear

Avast Clear 2019 is a program used to rid PCs of all the remnants of uninstalled Avast security applications. Often, when you uninstall avast security programs, for various reasons, traces of the programs remain in your system. This program is designed to clean your system and rid it of all the remaining traces.

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Additionally, sometimes it is not possible to uninstall the avast security programs the normal way – using the add/remove tool in the control panel. In such a case, Avast Clear is the recommended uninstallation application.

The program is fast and uncomplicated to use. All you have to do is download the program, start Windows in safe mode, then execute the uninstall. And after that, restart your PC. In case avast was installed in a folder other than the default, search for it then click remove. However, be warned that all the contents of the folder you choose shall be deleted. It is completely free and compatible with all Windows computers.