Creating Computer Games

I have written half an hour ago an article related to how to develop the idea of the video game. In this article, I would like to continue my thoughts and to answer to some of the questions that most likely every game designer asks himself. I have already said that before you write the codes of the game, you have to come up with a storyline. This should be unique or as unique as you can create it.

For example, if you want to create a game that allows the user to match 3 items that are similar on a grid that may have 10 squares per other 10 squares, you cannot say that you are original. There are many games online, which allow you to do this. But you can create those squares and the items that are available on the grid like no other. You should not copy another game, nor try to make it better. Not even if you talk to the developer of that game and he approves that you take a part of the game and improve it, you should not do this. Try to be different and unique!

If you watch sci-fi movies, you can say about yourself that you have a solid base that will allow you in time to develop fabulous video games. If on the contrary, you like to write and design things that are more related to a real life, and if you will discover that your potential games have success among your friends (at least), you will be most likely the creator of some real life games. But these games are not that popular as the games that allow you to dream. I am not saying that every dream is great. Some of the dreams are also known as nightmares. If you have played horror video games, probably you know by now that some people are very good at creating these games. If you are included in the category of these people, I wish you success. My kind of games is represented by dream games and by puzzle games.

I like to discover, not to match items that look the same. I like the game to have more levels and to learn something from every new level. At the same time, I like the games that have a good interface, that are user-friendly and that allow you to use your brain.