Best Thing Vipre Internet Security

It’s hard finding good internet security software these days. We all have many requirements that antivirus software has to meet before we purchase it. Lets take a look at what Vipre Internet Security has to offer.

Vipre Internet Security 2018 comes together with Vipre’s antivirus and premium security. The interface is designed rather well, looking very slick and appealing, without having too many buttons and options, making the software relatively easy to use. Antivirus does a very good job at detecting and removing malware such as ransomware, trojans, adware and other viruses. When a malware is trying to cause damage to your computer, Vipre shuts the program down immediately, making sure your PC stays safe. Most of the time the malware will be removed even before you open it. Quite neat right?

Firewall protection that Vipre features is done very well. People at Vipre seem to understand what we need from our firewall protection, unlike many other antivirus manufacturers. Vipre’s Firewall blocks every single threat that is trying to hurt your PC, which many other antiviruses unfortunately can’t do. Most people won’t experience any slowdown while Vipre is running, however there are cases of webpages loading slower than usual. It could also affect users playing more demanding games. Despite that, the scans are significantly faster in comparison with other similar antivirus software.

The best thing Vipre Internet Security has to offer is the Social Watch feature. While you browse social networks, Vipre constantly scans the links on social media in search for the ones that can be potentially harmful for your device. This is very important as nowadays it’s easier to infect your PC by following a link someone posted on social media.

Vipre’s technical support is top notch. It’s completely free, without an exception at any time. The people working in the phone support are all competent professionals which can be contacted 24/7.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t feature some more advanced tools such as parental control or password manager, Vipre Internet Security does an amazing job when faced with threads located both on your PC or on social media and other websites. Vipre Internet Security is among the best antiviruses out there.